Grenfell Tower defines our political reality. From a state of invisibility to hyper-visibility, the Tower appears and disappears through the power of images.  How can our networked society challenge the narrative that values some lives over others - one that led to this brutal violence?  How does the monument disrupt this reality?


The Black Tower is a research project developed by Mandy Eugeniou for Goldsmiths, University of London.  It seeks to tell a story of the Tower through the multiple eyes of Londoners by inviting people to upload images of the Tower after the fire. The project questions if art after Grenfell can open up spaces to see the unseen. This is to offer ethical and political critique of how perceptions sustain the violence - so that what happened does not disappear from political consciousness.  You can read more 


A long-term objective is to to create a public archive that might refuse to be silent.  No part of this project is for sale. See Word Piece for more details.



This work is dedicated to the 72 people who died, the bereaved families and to all the people who continue to be affected by the unprecedented fire at Grenfell Tower on 14th June 2017.


Please leave a message on contact page for more information. All queries are welcome.  Meeting in person is also possible. 





The research project won the Alan Little Award.  

The film has been long-listed for the AESTHETICA ART PRIZE: FUTURE NOW 2021

The film has been selected for the HIDDEN IN PLAIN SITE group exhibition at the Stephen Lawrence Gallery. Dates to be confirmed.